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We have packed 40 years of our experience into unparalleled pharmacy and drug store management software.

Developed with the latest technology, always updated to be ergonomic and effective without compromise. Simple and friendly, it is the perfect tool to get all operational, logistical and financial aspects under control.

Designed for pharmacies, "light" version for drugstores available.

Our product is flexible and it perfectly fits any kind of infrastructures, no matter how peculiar or big they are. Its scalability allows a free customization of the forms to be used, and of the partners to cooperate with.

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A safe program and a safe partner
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It's constantly updated, so that you can choose only what you need
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There's nothing missing
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Excellent quality-price ratio
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Integrated management of prescription compoudings

Management of stock and order drafts (reorder grids)

Management of inventory and stock adjustments

Order processing for suppliers and sales reps

Advanced management of sale prices

Management of customer needs and allergies

Customer activities management

Management of missed sales

Advanced management of fidelity cards


Interface with WWKS 2 and Rowa e Gollmann robots

Local scan of images, prescriptions and documents

Special funcions

Compatible with every wholesaler operating in Switzerland

Compatible with all invoicing partners operating in Switzerland and inked to Health Insurance

Compatible with all the main bundlings operating in Switzerland


Printing of QR payment bills for customers

Scan of PVR and QR files (banks and post offices)

Report about price drop and wholesaler information

Real time printing of warehouse balances

Direct invoicing to customers / doctors / nursing homes

Printing of statistics and accounting copies

Technical data

Execution environment:

Microsoft Windows 10 / Microsoft Windows Server 2019

Execution platform:

Microsoft .NET / .NET Core

Data platform:

Microsoft SQL Server 2019


pharmINDEX / drogINDEX with daily update, even in cloud, according to the customer request

Master tool

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